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Microsurgical Instruments Spring Scissors, Forceps, Micro Needle Holder, Vannas Scissors, Bayonet etc.
Instruments for microsurgery are manufactured to be more delicate and delicate compared to traditional surgical instruments.
Special micro-instruments allow and enable incisions and sutures in hard-to-reach areas with small dimensions. Special designs such as ceramic coating or diamond-coated jaws are possible.
The various designs of handles ( flat handle, round handle, bayonet, etc.) facilitate the procedure for the attending physician and serve to ensure safe use of the instruments during surgery. Due to their lighter weight, titanium instruments are often used for longer operations. Eye scissors and coronary scissors with knob (ball) and scissors with Yasargil handle. The cutting edges of the scissors are available as follows: pointed/sharp, blunt/blunt, smooth, serrated, Vannas, Biemer, dissection and dissecting. Also available for individual models are a twisted end, Streamline, Circumiflex, V-Neck.
Vascular scissors-Neurosurgical scissors. Blade lengths of the blades vary from 5 mm to 21 mm.

Micro instruments

We offer many different handle variations, jaws, materials, surfaces and coating options to meet the surgeon's personal preferences.


Informations / Products

Micro needle holders, micro spring scissors, micro eye scissors, micro tweezers, ceramic coating, Black, Streamline, round handle.

flat handle, micro hooks, tear duct probes, titanium, eyelid holders, eyelid locks, bulldog clamps, ring needle holders, micro-needle holders.

Common instrument names and authors

Castroviejo, Yasargil, Spencer, Ryder, Toledo, Barraquer, mit Ball, mit Kugel, Wescott, Tübingen, Treumer, Bonn, Wecker, Troutman, Gerald, Hegemann.

Pinzette mit Gewicht, Federscheren, Pierce, Kolibri, Faulkner, Mcdonalds, Spaleck, Jameson, Guthrie, Graefe, Meyhofer, Kuhnt, Hamburg, Mellinger, Bowman, Weiss, Wilder, Alm, Holtzheimer.


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