‌‌ Maxillofacial Skull System CMF

Titanium plates, titanium screws, titanium nets and instruments for oral and maxillofacial surgery by Digimed Medizintechnik. We also produce oral and cranial-maxillofacial implants. These include self-tapping and self-tapping screws, transbuccal drilling aids, Paulus Lefort plates, trays and more. You can find the individual products below in the catalogue.

Depending on the system, we offer systems with the following different plate thicknesses: 0.6 mm, 0.75 mm, 1.00 mm. The fracture plates can be ordered with a plate thickness of 1.5 mm. For mandibular reconstruction, you can use our corresponding plates with a plate thickness of 2.2 mm and 3.0 mm. In addition, our maxillofacial systems are available in 1.2 mm (blue anodized), 1.6 mm (green anodized) and 2.0 mm (yellow anodized).Finally, we provide 2.3 mm mandibular fracture systems (purple anodized) and 2.7 mm mandibular reconstruction systems (gold anodized). All of our high quality skull-maxillofacial plating systems are made of medical grade titanium.

Maxillo Facial Systems

  • 1,2mm System

  • 1,6mm System

  • 2,0mm System

  • 2,3mm System
    Mandibular fractures

  • 2,7mm System
    Mandibular reconstruction

  • Titanium-Mesh

Informations / Products

The instruments, screwdriver blades and twist drills belonging to the respective set can be quickly and easily assigned with the help of the color coding.

We offer screwdrivers with quick couplings for dental and Stryker connections. We also offer these types of connections for twist drills. The drills have different stops depending on the required screw length for the pre-drilled hole.

Our screws are self-locking for use with the inserts of Phillips and
square-head screws. Furthermore, we also provide self-drilling screws for systems 1.6 and 2.0. Use our emergency screws, which are red anodized and have a larger screw diameter.

Informations / Products

Our screws are self-holding in connection with the blade for cross recess screws and square screws. We also offer self-drilling screws for the 1.6 and 2.0 systems. With our emergency screws which are red anodized and have a larger screw diameter.

Plate standard set, rack for instruments, rack for plates and screws. screw holding tweezers, plate cutting pliers, twist drills, screwdrivers, titanium, mesh, mesh plates, L plates, T plates, Y plates, straight plates, 40-hole, plate thickness, 1 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.75 mm. square, hex, Phillips, screwdriver blades, self-holding, Aderer, bending pliers, trays, metal screwdrivers, bar.

hole spacing, orbital plates, Paulus Lefort plates, left, right, neuro plates, neuro sub-temporal plates. self-drilling, self-tapping, Depth gauge, Orbital plates, H plates, Paulus Chin plates, Quadro plates, Rectangular plates. Transbuccal drilling guide, Screw holding sleeve, Bar, Compression Plates. Mandibular, Drill Sleeves, Full mandibular, Reconstruction plate, Tap, Bending Iron, Cranio.


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