‌‌ Cardio Instruments

Instruments for cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgery Vascular surgery instruments with atraumatic interlocking. Cardiac surgery / Thoracic surgery / Vascular surgery

The atraumatic serration according to Cooley and De Bakey prevents tissue / organ injury due to the special arrangement of the teeth when closing the jaws.


Titan Meshes / Netze CMF

Our titanium plates are available for oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMF) in various titanium grades and designs.

Titanium meshes for cranioplasty ( cranial defect coverage ). Titanium meshes are best suited for use in more complex cranial defects. The fit of titanium implants mesh plates is created intraoperatively. Cranial implants for severe trauma with multiple fractures. Titanium Mesh with plate thicknesses from 0.1 mm to 1.0 mm. Anodization in green and yellow colors per set.


Container 1/1
unperforated safety model

Sterilization containers are used for sterilization of medical and veterinary instruments and implants to kill germs by heat, pressure and steam. The contents of the sterile containers are also kept sterile during storage until surgery. Indicator labels show whether the required temperature has been reached. Sealing seals prevent accidental opening of the containers.


Needleholder TC

We offer needle holders in many different handle variants, jaws, materials, surfaces and coating options to meet the personal preferences of the surgeon.

For the production we use stainless steel and titanium. Stainless steel is a proven material which, with proper care, has a very long service life. The surface of the stainless steel instruments can be brushed matt, polished or sandblasted. Instruments made of titanium are blue anodized as standard. The weight of titanium compared to stainless steel is only about 50% and is anti-magnetic.

digimed Medizintechnik

Digimed is the ideal manufacturer in the area of surgical instruments, sterile container systems, orthopedic instruments, implants and devices as well as oral and maxillofacial implants in the area of Wurmlingen near Tuttlingen.

Our focus is on the use of high-quality materials such as steel and titanium as well as quality-oriented production and marketing in order to meet our customers' expectations in the best possible way. As an approved manufacturer with its own:

  •    technical documentation, Digimed offers you an OEM-PLM constellation or "distributed by" / "manufactured by" products.
  • Goods with a UDI/ Datamatrix can also be labeled on customer request.
  • All products are CE certified according to DIN ISO 13485:2016 & EC Directive 93/42/EEC.

Orthopedic implants are medical devices designed to replace a joint, bone or cartilage when damaged or deformed by a broken leg, loss of a limb or congenital defect. Orthopedic implants are differentiated by their material type and the type of tissue being replaced. In oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMF), we use titanium that is anodized in the corresponding system color so that it can be clearly identified.

Traumatological implants, on the other hand, are made of implant steel. The components of hip joint stems, shoulder joint stems and intramedullary rods are also made of titanium alloy. The selection of appropriate materials for orthopedic implants depends on the specific applications. Metal alloys, ceramics and polymers all have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the intended use of the implant. If you have any questions or need advice, please feel free to contact us at the following phone number or e-mail: Phone: +49(0)7461-9101172 / E-mail:

Metal alloys such as titanium are one of the most commonly used materials for orthopaedic implants due to their incredible strength and toughness. Orthopedic implant materials include stainless steel and titanium alloys, which have high strength and a plastic coating that serves as artificial cartilage.

Stainless steel has been used in the development of countless historical and modern implants for orthopaedic care. It is widely used in the manufacture of orthopedic plates, screws, sliding screws for the hip, some flexible nails and rigid intramedullary nails of the first generation.

Digimed Wurmlingen

Digimed Medizintechnik was already founded in 2004 in Wurmlingen near Tuttlingen. We are specialized in the production of surgical implants and instruments and provide a wide range of medical devices for human and veterinary medicine.

‌‌‌ Product range

Our product range includes titanium and steel implants for osteosynthesis, trauma, cranio-maxillofacial and meshes. We also offer Surgical Instruments & Sterile Container Systems. You can find our detailed product catalog in the download area or under products.

Medical technology

A constant exchange with well-known manufacturers from Tuttlingen enables us to provide an almost complete solution of medical-technical instruments.


Digimed Medical Technology Manufacturers Orthopedic Titanium Implants offers a production "MADE IN GERMANY" with the latest manufacturing technologies and state-of-the-art CNC machines.

A trained and experienced staff operates this surgical equipment and manufactures the products under the highest quality requirements.

Reference Skelett Image Map from digimed medical technology germany

UnderarmUnderarm Implants and Instruments from digimed medical technology germany

CraniumCranium Implants and Instruments from digimed medical technology germany

PelvisPelvis Instruments and titanium implants from digimed medical technology germany

ThighThigh Instruments and bones titanium implants from digimed medical technology germany

UpperarmUpperarm titanium Implants and Instruments from digimed medical technology germany

Hand / FingerHand and Finger Implants and Instruments from digimed medical technology germany

Lower legLower leg Instruments and bones titanium implants from digimed medical technology germany

FootFoot Instruments and bones titanium implants from digimed medical technology germany

All production processes are always tested and monitored according to strict guidelines, so that the requirements of our customers can be optimally implemented.

Close cooperation with our customers, users and scientists at home and abroad enables us to continuously expand our product range.

In this way, we always remain at the cutting edge of technology and adapt to your needs and the requirements of the market.


Assortment / Implants


We offer CE certified surgical instruments for the following medical device areas:

  • Surgical Instruments

  • Cardio-Vascular / Atrauma

  • Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

  • ENT ear, nose and throat Instruments

  • Laparoscopy

  • Dental

  • Plastic surgery

  • Sterile Container Systems

  • baskets / trays and accessories

  • Vet Instruments, Plates and Screws

  • Augmentation Set with Titanium Pins

  • Traumatology / Orthopedics

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery

  • Special designs

  • Neurosurgery

  • Microsurgery / Micro-Instruments

  • Ophthalmology / Eye Ophthalmic Instruments

  • Bipolar electrodes / Bipolar forceps

  • Osteosynthesis


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