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Titanium meshes for oral and maxillofacial surgery in different titanium grades and designs from Digimed Medizintechnik. We offer a wide range of different titanium mesh plates for cranioplasty (cranial defect coverage), different titanium meshes for use in more complex cranial defects or also cranial implants for severe trauma with multiple fractures.
The appropriate shape of the mesh plates is adjusted intraoperatively. We provide titanium meshes with plate thicknesses from 0.1 mm to 1.0 mm and anodize them in the colors green and yellow per set.

Titanium Mesh Plate

Our meshes can be pre-shaped so that they are better adapted to the anatomical shape of the skull.

The different designs of our products differentiate in stability and flexibility.

Informations / Products

Titanium Meshes for 2.0 mm systems are available in various geometries and 0.60 mm plate thicknesses. Other plate thicknesses are also available. There are mesh plate implants for CMF/MKG and pins for mesh plates in our range.

Instruments / Autors

The different designs of the meshes provide different flexibility. By using different titanium grades from 1-5, additional stability and bending properties can be influenced.


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