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revised container and screen basket catalogsterile container with biobarrier valve oder ptfe filfer serie

our extensive container and screen basket catalog has been revised and extended by further container model series. Find the right container models quickly through our specially marked color system.

In addition to the standard perforated colored lids suitable for use with paper or text filters, we now also offer PTFE, Valve and Bio Barrier filters as fixed or replaceable cassettes.

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Arab Health 2021 in Dubai

Arab Health 2021 in Dubai from 21.06.2021 to 24.06.2021. We will be at the show this year with news as visitors as far as the Covid-19 situation allows.

Even though it will certainly be on a smaller scale, we still hope to have interesting conversations and contacts with existing and potential customers and distributors.

During our stay in Dubai we can also be reached by mobile at 00971-565634551.

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