‌‌ Intramedullary Interlocking System

Digimed Medizintechnik from Tuttlingen offers locking systems for Tibia & Femur nails, a set of basic tools, Tibia & Femur nails and locking screws. Locking nails allow transverse clamping in two planes (frontal and sagittal) during intramedullary osteosynthesis. This procedure is necessary for fractures of long tubular bones. The following nails are included in the catalog: Tibial Nail, Femoral Nail, Titanium/ Titanium Intramedullary Nail and Steel.

Interlocking tibia and femur


  • Proximal fractures
  • distortion
  • Distal fractures of the stem


  • Boring and unread insertion
  • Rotational stability
  • Proximal angular stability
  • Intra and postoperative safety insertion
  • Dynamization
  • Anatomical configuration of high-quality nails
  • High efficiency in fracture treatment

Information / Products

Tibia and Femur, Bone Nail, Bone Nails. Basic Tools, Pointing Device, Steel and Titanium, Titanium, Locking Screws.

Instruments / Autors

Anterograde, indication, retrograde indication. Tibial and femoral nails, target device, self-tapping, locking screw.


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