‌‌ Powertools Battery Drill and Air Drill

Battery and air pressure drill with various attachments such as sternum saw, oscillating saw and adapters, Accu.
Medical Powertools for human medicine and veterinary. Compatible attachemts for Pneumatic Drill and Battery Drill.
Brushless, powerful and durable motor. Stepless regulation and full power on low speed. Rotation directly switchable.

Air Drill

There are several types of drills on the market, including cordless drills, pneumatic drills, and corded drills. Cordless drills run on batteries and are portable, making them more practical than an air drill for freedom of movement. The size of the drill chuck on a cordless drill determines the largest drill size the tool can use, which allows you to use the blades and drill chuck.

Pneumatic drills, also known as air drills, are powered by compressed air and are often used in surgery or autopsy. Pneumatic drills have a variable speed feature that allows you to set the motor speed below the maximum idle speed. Corded drills are powered by electricity and are usually more powerful than cordless drills. a wide range of drills, saws and saw blades are available for corded as well as pneumatic drills.

Informations / Products

Operation voltage: 9.6 V
Power consumption: max. 200 W
Speed at 9,6 V: 1000 rpm, stepless forward and reverse
Weight: 1050 g
Cannulation: 3,2 mm
Noise level: 60 dB

Instruments / Autors

This drill offers a very wide range of applications due to the more
than 20 adapters.

Sternum saw, oscillating saw and adapter. Cordless drill and air drill. Accessories like saw blades, chuck, Jacobs chuck.


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