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Find implants, corner plates and tool sets. Also titanium corner plates, clamping plates, polyaxial plates and grids for hand and foot. Various nail systems such as interlocking nail, Trochanter or Intranagel and splints for fixing bones as in the Mi foot and hand system. A variety of self-tapping and self-tapping HC and HCS or proven HBS Snap Off screws for osteosynthesis plates and mesh implants. The wide selection of surgical, cardiovascular, ophthalmic, dental, micro, ENT and veterinary instruments complete the instrument set from a single source.

For sterile instrument processing, various basic and cover variants are available, ranging from perforated to non-perforated variants and replaceable filters, as well as long-lasting Teflon PTFE filters, valves or BioBarriers. In autopsy and surgery, Powertool Battery Drill and Airdrill drills can also be found in the catalog with many attachments and suction devices.

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