‌‌ Titanium clamping plate systems (clamping plates)

Digimed Medizintechnik from Tuttlingen, Germany offers titanium implants and screws with a stable angle for osteosynthesis. The small and large fragment locking plates have threads in the screw holes that connect to the wires located on the screw heads.

Implants with titanium locking plate

  • Big Fragment Plates
  • Little Fragment Plates
  • Locking DHS / DCS

Information / Products

Set of tools, graphic case, set of screws, set of plates for small/ large clamping titanium fragment. Locking screws 5.0 mm, titanium screws 4.5 mm. Wide plates, narrow plates, proximal tibia plates.

T-plates, distal lateral plates of the tibia, lateral and distal buttresses of the femur. 3.5 mm and 2.7 mm titanium screws, Prebend anatomical radius plates, anatomical T-plates, volar, Torx/Star bits, torque screwdriver.

Instruments / Autors

Drill guide, Quickcouplig, Kirschner wire, Calcaneus plates, Humerus plates, medial humerus plates, dorsolateral, Olecranon, distal tibia. Anterolateral tibia, clavicle hook, third tubular.

Anatomical pre-bend radius, trays and sterile container. Implants and sets of titanium implants include small fragments and large fragmented bone screws and bone plates.


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