‌‌ Plaster saws / suction / vacuum for plaster saw

Plaster saws and suction for plaster saws, saw blades and accessories. cast saw and cast saw blades.
Oscillating plaster saws and vacuum for plaster saws, autopsy saws, saw blades and accessories.
For synthetic hard dressings and white plaster dressings. Electronic power plaster saw 3500 to 24000 oscillations, infinitely variable. Robust construction for highest load capacity in continuous operation. Low vibration and low maintenance.
With this relatively quiet plaster saw, you can remove synthetic hard dressings, plaster / white plaster dressings quickly and safely. The infinitely variable speed regulation and the fully automatic load compensation over the entire vibration range allow the plaster saw to be optimally adapted to the required application.

Plaster saws - cast saw

Plaster saws and suction for plaster saws, saw blades and accessories. Infinitely variable between 3500-24000 vibrations.

3k shank and depth saw blades, segment saw blade, depth limiting disc.

Informations / Products

Use in orthopedics as plaster saw / bandage saw, autopsy as well as in veterinary medicine. Electronic speed regulation. Suction and extraction. S-Class HEPA filter, Hepa class H11.

Instruments / Autors

Oscillating plaster saw, autopsy saws, plaster-saw, autopsy-saw .

Special motor bearing (plaster dust protected) and reinforced armature shaft.


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