‌‌ MI Foot System / compression screws

Digimed Medizintechnik from Tuttlingen offers HV beveled head screws and cannulated compression screws. Using the proximal cortical thread structure, optimal fixation can be performed, with thread recess for easy screw removal. Our MI Foot Set is available in 3.0mm and in 4.0mm sizes.

MI Foot Set

The design of our beveled MI screws allows you to achieve stable anchorage in the cortical bone without leaving an externally palpable protrusion after the procedure.

In addition, our screws have different thread pitches so that interfragmentary compression is created during penetration.

In addition, the internal hex profile achieves very good force transmission, as well as self-holding with the screwdriver.

Informations / Products

Thread cut back for easy screw removal. Hexagon socket with self-holding. Different thread pitches for interfragmentary compression. Proximal cortex thread structure for optimal fixation in metatarsal I. 45 ° bevel - no protrusion that can be felt from the outside.

Distal cancellous thread for optimal fixation of the metatarsal I head. HV ANGLED HEAD SCREWS CANNULATED COMPRESSION SCREWS.

Instruments / Autors

Screwdriver, cannulated, Ø 2.0 mm, HEX, Kirschner w. trocar point, rd. end, Drill Bit, Ø 2.0/1.2 mm, cannulated, 3-flutes, Elevator curved, Shannon bur, short, Shannon Isham bur, Wedge Bur.

Screwdriver shaft, Ø 2.5 mm, HEX, cannulated, AO-coupling, Screwdriver handle w. AO connection, cannulated, Measuring gauge, Protection sleeve for Ø 3.0 mm screw, Protection sleeves insert
for Ø 2.0 mm drill.


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