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Our portfolio of surgical instruments for various medical applications such as surgical, clinical, practice supplies for human medicine and veterinary medicine.

Abbreviations: SP = Pointed, ST = Blunt, SC = Supercut (black rings), TC = Tungsten Carbide inserts (golden rings, golden instrument end).


our standard surgical instruments for the different medical fields.
Detailed catalogs from our product portfolio for the individual medical fields can be found here under products in the corresponding category.

Informations / Products

Dissecting scissors, surgical scissors, bandage scissors, plaster scissors, anatomical scissors, eye scissors, tonsil scissors, gingival scissors, abdominal wall scissors, lung-thorax scissors, micro scissors, spring scissors, fistula scissors, gynecological scissors, nail scissors, Vascular scissors, Corneal scissors, Incisional scissors, Intestinal scissors, Ligature scissors, Nasal scissors, Supercut SC scissors, Tungsten carbide TC scissors, Fine surgical scissors, Eyelid scissors, Neurosurgical scissors, Perineal scissors, Umbilical scissors, Cloth scissors, Vannas scissors.

Bulldog forceps, artery forceps, atraumatic forceps, dissecting forceps, kidney forceps, hysterectomy forceps, hemorrhoid forceps, tube forceps, cloth forceps, tonsil forceps, bronchus forceps, bile duct and kidney forceps, grain forceps, swab forceps, sponge forceps, tissue grasping forceps

Anatomical forceps, surgical forceps, splinter forceps, micro forceps, watchmaker forceps, atraumatic forceps, forceps TC with carbide inserts.

Gynecology, Obstetrics, Vaginal Specula, Holders, Endospecula, Lateral Speculum, Uterine Dilators, Hook Forceps, Uterine Probes, Uterine Grasping Forceps, Biopsy Curettes, Myoma Instrument, Uterine Curettes, Uterine Biopsy Forceps, Obstetric Forceps, Plancentary Forceps, Abortion Forceps.
Dermatology, skin punches, nail instruments, comedone squeezers.
Bone surgery, sharp spoons, dissectors, elevators, raspators, flat chisels, gouges, osteotomes.
Sterilization, sterilizing forceps, trays, kidney trays, solution trays, instrument trays, brush dispensers.

Gall bladder, liver, bladder, kidney, urology, gall stone forceps, kidney stone forceps, gall stone spoons, bile duct probes, bile duct dialators, bladder wound retractors, prostate hooks, bladder spatulas.

Stomach, intestine, rectum, intestinal grasping forceps, tissue grasping forceps, intestinal forceps, gastric squeezing forceps, rectal forceps, anastomotic forceps, rectum-rectum specula, anal spreaders, anus scopes, proctoscopes, biopsy forceps.

Amputation knives, knives for autopsy, scalpel blades, scalpels, dermatomes, resection knives.
Suturing instruments, under-bandage needles, guide hollow probes.
Retractors, dura and skin hooks, retractors, abdominal wall holders, rib retractors, rib spreader.
Probes, trocars, cotton carriers, varicose cutlery, suction tubes, cannulas, syringes, spare cylinders, luer lock, stopcocks.

Needle holder, needle holder TC tungsten carbide, micro needle holder, micro needle holder TC.

Common instrument names and authors

Metzenbaum, Deaver, Harrington, Noble, Mixter, Richter, Mayo, Mayo-Stille, Fergusson, Lister, Lexer, Baby Lexer, Standard, Joseph, Reynolds, Kilner, Iris, Landolt, Stevens, shortbent, Spencer, Littauer, Cottle, Caplan, Heymann, Potts Smith, Dietrich Hegemann, Satinsky, De Bakey, Kelly, Bozemann, Bruns, Universal, Lahey, Adson, Sims, Fomon, Wescott, Vannas, delicate, fino und grazile Versionen.


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