‌‌ Orthopaedic and traumatological implants

Digimed Medizintechnik from Tuttlingen offers a complete range of Osteosynthetic implants and orthopedic instruments. The product range includes mini fragment, small fragment and large bone fragment plates and titanium and steel bone screws.

Certified instruments and implants are intended for use in osteosynthesis, orthopaedics and traumatology.

  • Mini fragment 1.5mm / 2.0mm standard cortical screws and self-tapping cortical screws.
  • Small fragment 2.7 mm / 3.5 mm / 4.0 mm standard cortical screws and self-tapping cortical screws, partially threaded and fully threaded bone cancellous screws. CE certified manufacturer.
  • Large fragment 4.5 mm / 6.5 mm standard cortical screws and self-tapping cortical screws, malleolar screws, cancellous bone screws with 16 mm and 32 mm wire and full thread.
    Cannulated screws 3.5 mm / 4.5 mm / 6.5 mm / 7.0 mm self-tapping with partial thread.


  • Mini-fragment
  • Small fragment
  • Large fragment
  • DHS plates
  • DCS plates
  • Cortical vines
  • Screws for removable bones
  • Malleolar vines
  • Cannulated screws
  • Vines lag

Tool sets and system combinations can be found in our online catalogues above the page or download our PDF product catalogue in area download. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone for further questions.

Information / Products

Mini fragment plates for 1.5 mm screws and 2.0 mm screws, small fragment plates for 2.7 mm screws, 3.5 mm screws and for 4.0 mm screws, large fragment plates for 4.5 mm screws and 6.5 mm screws. Spongiosa screws fully threaded and short Threaded, 16 mm thread 32 mm thread. Rebuild plates /rebuild plates for 3.5 mm screws and 4.5 mm screws. Blade plates, Malleolar screws, self-cutting, cortical screws, corticalis screws, cancellous screws, cannulated screws, DHS screws, DHPS screws, DCS screws, lag screws and compression screws.

DHPS plants / DHS plants, DHS Hip Screw Plates, DCS plates / DCS Supracondylar Plates and Hip Plates Short Barrel. 130 degrees, 135 degrees, 145 degrees, 150 degrees. Thikness, width, hole spacing, ISO 5832-1, Titan screws, titanium screws.
Straight mini plate, H plate, T plate, L plate, DCP plates.

LC/DCP Plate, Condylar-Plates, mini-DCP-Plates, L-Plates 90, compression-Plates, L-Plates obliquo sinistro. Adaption-Plates, Small Fragment DCP Plate, LC /DC P Compression-Plates, Multi Fragment-Plate, Quarter Tubular Plates, 1/3 Tubular Plates, 1/3 Tubular Plates con Collare, T-Plates Angolo Retto, Piastre di compressione LC /DCP piccole.

Wide DCP compression plates. Compression plates LC /DCP wide, semi tubular plates, plates L-Buttress angled for right leg/ left leg, plates T-Buttress. T-Plate Large, Spoon Plates, Distal Femoral Plates, Lateral, Condylar Buttress Plates, Prosximal Tibial Plates, Lateral Tibial Head Buttress Plate, Distal Tibial Plates, Elongation Plates Wide 8 Holes and 10 Holes.

Instruments / Author

Washers, Elongation Small Plates, Curved Reconstruction Plates, Blades Plates for Children, Infant Osteotomy Plates, Osteotomy Plates Adolescent, Condylar Small Stature Plates, 95 , Osteotomy Blade Plates 87 , Angle Blade Plates 130 , Osteotomy Blade Plates 110 , Condylar 95 blade plates.

Adjustable drill guide, Pointing device, Guide wire, Elongation gauge, Triple combination reamer, Connecting screw, Tap, Taps, Centering sleeve, Wrench with T-handle, Drill with AO connection,Round Shaft Drill, Impactor, Drill, Three-grooved, Quick Coupler, Countersink, Drill Insert, Double Drill Sleeve, Triple Drill Sleeve, Neutral and Offset Drill Sleeve, Universal Drill.

Sleeve, Protection Sleeve. Hexagonal Screwdriver, Cannulate Screwdriver, Screwdriver Shaft, Sealing Sleeves, Mini Quick Coupling Handle,Small T- Quick Coupling, T-handle Chuck, Jacobs Chuck, Small Quick Coupling Handle. Depth gauge 30 mm with sleeve protection, Depth gauge, Stagbeetle pliers, Plate Holding pliers, Bone Holding pliers, Reduction pliers with point, Verbrugge auto centering pliers, Farabeuf pliers, Reduction jaw notched pliers, pelvic.

Wire Cutter, Cutter, Bending Iron, Bending Pliers, Large Bending Device, Bending Patterns. Hohmann retractor, screw pliers, T-handle bone hook, sharp hook, wire extraction pliers. Periosteal Lift, Plate Tension Device, Compression Device, Key, Pinwheel Disc, Soket Key, Kardan. Bone nailing, fracture, implants Medical technology digimed Tuttlingen Germany .


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