‌‌‌ Polyaxial plates and angular stabilizers for hands and feet

Equipment and tools for the hand and foot of Digimed Medizintechnik from Tuttlingen in Germany. We offer distal radius plates and plates for hallux valgus procedures. In addition, bone plates and bone screws are used for multidirectional angular stable connection by means of a block. With the multidirectional locking method it is possible to obtain a variance of 18-20 degree Celsius between plates with stable angle and screws with stable angle.

Hand and foot surgery Implants and instruments


‌‌‌ Select and drag to move] is used in the "open wedge" surgical technique of Hallux valgus primo-Varus.

‌‌‌ Select and drag to move] for use in MTP1 joint arthrodesis.

‌‌‌ Select and drag to move] Distal Radius Plates and Drill Blocks & Sleeve Inserts in different sizes


Information / Products

Spoke plates, distal, block drill. Instruments and surgical set. Silicone Screwdriver Handle, Torx7 Screwdriver Blade, Insert Drill Sleeve, Polyaxial Insert Drill Sleeve, Depth Gauge.

Kirschner wire, screw gauge, twist drill with AO connection, screwdriver handle with AO quick coupling.

Instruments / Autors

Angle stable bone screws and stable bone plates, multi-directional locking by threading

of the screw head. Stable angular plate holes for stable connection.

A distinction is made between two different technical methods. Self-tapping threads with different hardness of the plate and screw or by a locking mechanism of the plate and thread on the screw head.


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